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A collection of projects I'm quite proud of.

Demo Reel


Box of Balloons

Event Video

Rosie's Coffee Bar & Bakery

Profile of Cafe

Dress Up Wren

Virtual Doll Maker Game


Short Film

Window of Opportunity Posters

Print Media


What I Can Do!


I've made many different types of videos from interviews to experimental short films to instruction videos in different types of roles from director to director of photography to production assistant.


My work in audio includes co-producing Clarion Radio's War of the Worlds, directing an audio book and editing a podcast.

Media Design

From printed posters to games to kinetic typography; my work in Media Design is pretty versatile.

About Me.

Hi, my name is Leigh Strommen.
I'm a multi-media designer who works in video, audio and motion graphics. I like making fantastic things from short films to radio shows and beyond. I'm soon to be graduated from the Visual Communications program at Madison College where I learned how to make a project from first idea to finished project. I love creating and I hope to work with you soon.

Check out my resume here!

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